Violent Crimes

Crimes involving a weapon

Any crime that involves a weapon can cause significant and ongoing physical and psychological trauma to the victim.

Crimes that include a direct assault involving glassing, stabbing or shooting create serious injuries that incapacitate the victim for months and years…often leading to life long injuries.

In addition to physical injuries, the psychological suffering linked to being threatened, intimidated or assaulted with a weapon derails a persons sense of personal safety long after the event has passed. Feelings of fear and of being unsafe cause victims to be on alert all the time, feel on edge, have trouble sleeping and are unable to concentrate.

Victims who struggle with psychological injuries after a violence assault may not be able to return to work straight away.  Not being able to concentrate, sleep, eat or think clearly has a flow on effect to whether you will be able to continue your employment. Many victims find themselves having to use all their leave entitlements as they try and recover from a violent assault, which feels unfair. Depending on the extent of psychological trauma, and the longer it goes untreated, victims may find they are unable to return to work for the foreseeable future. The impact on one’s self esteem and self worth – in addition to the added financial difficulties – exacerbates the trauma in many cases.

Victims Services provides free counselling for victims of violent crimes. Please contact us if you require more information on accessing the scheme or if you require additional emotional support.

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