Please Donate

Thank you for investing in the lives of others

I really appreciate everything you have done for us. You went above and beyond your call of duty. I can not express my gratitude enough.
– Mother of a child who was indecently assaulted

I appreciate your help so much.  It has made the world of difference for my youngest, in particular.  I feel so relieved knowing that the kids have support available to them which is really helping.
– Mother leaving domestic violence

Thank you SO much for the support for my hearing today.  It’s was all day and tough, and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without your support.
– Victim giving evidence

Thanks so much for all the help you’ve given me over the last few years- you’ve made all the difference in the world to me!
– Male victim of childhood sexual abuse

I have lived in panic and fear for such a long time and I thought it would be that way forever…But yesterday I met you and I don’t believe that any more. I feel fantastic. I feel so incredibly different. It’s a totally different feeling, I don’t feel afraid anymore.
– Survivor of sexual abuse

When I left you yesterday I realised maybe there are ways to get through this. I feel like I have a future.