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Victims Counselling & Support Service
The Victims Counselling and Support Service provides a range of counselling and support services for people whose lives have been impacted by crime. The service is managed by Relationships Australia (QLD).

Support for Victims of Crime
The Queensland Government website and the service Victims LinkUp provides an information and referral service for victims and their families. They can put victims in contact with support services that will meet their individual needs and can also provide information on financial assistance.


Department of Justice
Victims Support Services is part of the Department of Justice and  is dedicated to victims of crime. They provide support and information, financial assistance and Court Support.

PH: 03 6165 7524

Western Australia

Victims of crime Western Australia
The Government of Western Australia is committed to responding to the needs of victims of crime, and those who are indirectly affected by that crime, such as families, friends and/or colleagues.

South Australia

Victim Support Service Inc
Victim Support Service Inc. is a community based, not-for-profit organisation. They provide a range of services for crime victims, their families, friends and the wider community.

Northern Territory

Victims of Crime NT Inc
Victims of Crime NT Inc. is a community based organisation, providing support, information, referral & advocacy to victims in the Northern Territory.


Department of Justice
The Department of Justice links to the Victim Support Agency and provides information, support and referrals to victims, professionals and the public within Victoria.

Victims of Crime Counselling and Compensation Services
Victims of Crime Counselling & Compensation Services (VOCCS) specializes in the provision of counselling and compensation services to victims of crime in Melbourne, Victoria.

Australian Capital Territory

VOCAL ACT provides information and support for victims of crime. Services include help with applying for Financial Assistance and writing a Victim Impact Statement, and training and support for volunteer workers.

Victim Support ACT
VSA works towards improvements in the rights and services available to victims of crime within the justice, health and welfare systems.
Phone: (02) 6205 2066 or 1800 822 272

Court Preparation & Support

Giving evidence in a criminal matter can be very difficult for a witness…

Counselling & Financial Assistance

Counselling for victims of crime may be available via Victims Services…

Victims Register

List yourself and circumstances in the NSW Victim Register

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