Court Preparation & Support

We understand that going to court can be very overwhelming and intimidating. Our court preparation service involves talking about the requirements and rules of the Criminal Justice System, as well as support options that are available to you and your family.

We provide clients with the Department of Communities and Justice booklet “The Justice Journey’ and explain the different roles of court personal,  as well as the processes around evidence in chief and cross examination.

Reliving a traumatic event while having to give evidence in court can be extremely stressful, and will often bring up many different emotions. We can assist you with practical strategies that will help you stay focused on the questions asked.


An Overview
The Local Court
Preparing for court
Inside the courtroom
Your time at court
Giving evidence
The verdict

Counselling & Financial Assistance

Counselling for victims of crime may be available via Victims Services…

Support in other States

For more information on how to receive support outside of NSW

Victims Register

List yourself and circumstances in the NSW Victim Register

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