Types of Crime

Crime has a devastating impact on many aspects of a persons life. Whether it is a single incident trauma or repeated trauma from ongoing violence, the Victim Support Unit is equipped to provide support for life after crime.

People can access our service at any stage. Many people do not wish to report to police and this is perfectly fine. There are many options for ongoing support that we can tailor to suit your needs.

For people who wish to make a police report, we understand that this can be a daunting process and can raises serious concerns about personal safety. Many people express fearing retribution, and we assist clients with strategies for safety planning and accurate record keeping. We believe that accurate and timely information can assist with managing anxiety and uncertainly.

Often there are times when people report a crime and police are unable to take further action. This is often frustrating for many victims of crime, and the Victim Support Unit works closely with local police to ensure our clients are well informed as to the reasons why a matter can not proceed.