Restorative Justice Conferences

Restorative Justice recognises that victims are the people most affected by crime and places them and their needs at the centre of the process. Victim-offender conferencing is managed by the Restorative Justice Unit, linked to Corrective Services NSW. The Unit safely brings together the victim, offender, and other stakeholders (for example, police, community members, families) in order to talk about what happened, how people have been affected and what can be done to make things better.

Victims of crime often feel silenced by traditional justice processes. Through Restorative Justice, an offender must face the person they have harmed and hear of the impact of the crime on the the victim. This leads to an opportunity for the offender to take responsibility for what they have done.

To apply for Restorative Justice Unit programs and services regarding offenders in NSW,  contact Corrective Services NSW Restorative Justice Unit website or contact via:
Ph: 02 8688 6835

A victim offender conference facilitator can answer your questions, send you a DVD or arrange to visit you to talk further about the programs.